,Realistic Sliceable Fruits and Vegetables Cutting Play Toy Set

349.00 299.00

  • Set includes different colorful toy fruits and vegetables for your kids with 1 chopping board and a knife
  • Each fruit and vegetable and can be sliced in half because they are connected with tape
  • Improves their hands-on ability and imagination. Nutrition chart educates them about the nutrition that they get in fruits
  • Fun, enjoyable and educational toys which will keep them playing for hours
  • Contains 10 fruits and vegetables, 1 chopping tray and 1 knife

This Beautiful Toys are very safe and innovetive, The Toys are easily filled with crumbs and dust since babies drop and spill carelessly while eating and play. However, when using Toys, cleaning is so simple. All you need to do is wipe off the toys with a wet towel


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