Professional Electric Drill Machine 10mm – 300W, 2600 RPM, 220V- 50Hz & Masonry Drill Bit Set – 5 Pcs for Concrete and Brick Wall Drilling

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  • Simple Drill 10Mm. Power: 300Watts, Rpm: 2300Rpm, Voltage-220, Motor: Copper, Outer Body: Pvc And Metal, Domestic Drilling Machine Which You Can Operate Single Handedly, It Has A Safe And Insulated Shock Proof Plastic Make, Ergonomic Design For Easy Grip, You Can Put Up Your Precious Painting Collection, Murals, Hangings And Wall Decoratives On Your Wall, Using This Drilling Tool, For An Effortless Masonry Dealing In Your Household
  • 5 Pcs Drill Bit Set – For Drilling In Masonary, Concrete, Brick Wall. Package Contents: 1-Piece 4Mm Drill Bit, 1-Piece 5Mm Drill Bit, 1-Piece 6Mm Drill Bit, 1-Piece 8Mm Drill Bit And 1-Piece 10Mm Drill Bit
  • The Electrical Simple Drill Not Only Takes Care Of Basic Woodwork At Home, But Can Also Be Used To Drill Walls For Hanging Pictures And Clocks Or For Installing Electrical Switch Boards.
  • Ideal For Drilling Into A Variety Of Materials Such As Wood, Metal, Plastic And Masonry. Hammered Action Making It Suitable For Masonry.
  • Multifunction & Versatile & Portable & Compact Design. It Is Easy To Carry And Store At Home And Work

Electric Drill Machine 10MM – *, 2600 Rpm, 220V- 50Hz 10 mm Powerful drill machine heavy duty Drill machine 10 mm capacity Drill chuck key. Useful in day to day work at home Precision drill chuck of 10 mm capacity with key Durable Small, Handy, light weight. Simple drill Machine 10mm, power: *atts, rpm: 2600rpm, voltage-220, motor: copper, outer body: pvc and metal, domestic drilling machine which you can operate single handedly, it has a safe and insulated shock proof plastic make, ergonomic design for easy grip, you can put up your precious painting collection, murals, hangings and wall decoratives on your wall, using this drilling tool, for an effortless masonry dealing in your household Multi-Purpose Electrical Drill for a Variety of Uses. Perform drilling tasks at home with ease using the compact and powerful Electrical Simple Drill. Featuring 10mm and 6Hss bits, with this drill you no longer have to rely on your local electrician or plumber to perform basic drilling functions at home. With an outer body made from shock-proof PVC and plastic, it features an ergonomic design with easy grip for simple one-handed use at home. Special Masonry Bit for Home Improvement. Masonry Drill Bit Set – 5 Pcs 5Pcs Masonry Drill Bit Set For Drilling In Masonry, Concrete, Brick Wall Innovative Flute Design Removes Material Faster For Easier Drilling. Suitable To Work With Any Brand Drill Machine. Fitted With Keyed Or Keyless 3Way Jaw Chuck Material: Hss With Brazed Carbide Tip Type: Double Flute Conical Tip Finishing: Chrome Coated Packing: Plastic Bit Holder Case Color May Be Different From Display. Length: Standard Package includes: 1 x 4.0mm HSS Drilling Bit 1 x 5.0mm HSS Drilling Bit 1 x 6.0mm HSS Drilling Bit 1 x 8.0mm HSS Drilling Bit 1 x 10.0mm HSS Drilling Bit


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