Hand Juicer for Fruits and Vegetable

1,101.00 299.00

  • Create Dozens of fresh Juice glasses in minutes
  • Innovative compact design & fresh new aesthetics
  • Easy manual Operation, handy and comfortable to use with Metal handle
  • Its compact form makes it easy to store, pack & carry for outings & picnics. Good to extract juice out of orange, pineapple, grapes, sweet lime, water melon, pomegranate, palak, tomato etc.
  • Comes with steel handle, juice collector and vacuum base.

Now enjoy fresh nutritious juice from a variety of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens with the Smart Fruits & Vegetable Juicer. Using this handy manual juicer, you can extract juices from fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, orange, pomegranate, tomato and many more with ease and retain their natural taste, flavour and nutrients. Featuring a portable design, this juicer can be carried along on your outings and excursions.


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