3X3X3 Speed Golden Mirror Magic Cube – Golden

399.00 293.00

  • It is light, handy and easy to use. Size Just 5.5X5.5X5.5cms. Standard Structure Professional Competition Grade Materials.
  • Made only with A grade plastics. Fine And Fast Color.
  • Smooth And Fast And Has Awesome Speed. The Rotation Is Smoother.
  • Specially Designed For Cube Competion. No Pop-Ups & No Stucks.
  • search jay antiques for toys and kitchenware and many more items.We ship all orders within 1 business day giving you faster delivery

This Is The New Mirror Magic Cube With Tough Tiles. The Traditional Stickers Have Been Replaced With Plastic; Which Mean No Fading, Peeling Or Chipping! The Rubik’S Speed Cube Has An All New Mechanism With Faster Movement, Amazing Corner Cutting And Zero Pops. Basing It Around A Brand New Spherical Enclosed Core Design Ensures That There Is Minimum Friction Between Internal Moving Parts, As Well As Between Cubies. This Revolutionary New Design Allows Not Only For Faster Turning Parts But Also Balances Fantastic Corner Cutting With No Pop Technology. Never Again Will You Pop Doing A Record Time. The Rubik’S Speed Cube Conforms Fully To All Wca Rules And Regulations And Has Been Designed From The Beginning With Wca Competitions In Mind. It Has Been Painstakingly Tested And Improved To Ensure The Highest Quality.


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