14 in 1 Multi Functional Pocket Army Knife

399.00 199.00

  • Type: Tool Kit Material: Steel
  • 13 kinds of Functions Broadsword Small knife
  • Can opener Small screwdriver Wood sawing Scissors
  • Bottle opener Big screwdriver Wire stripping tank Cork drill Drilling cone Toothpick Tweezers
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 14 IN 1 SWISS Style KNIFE B). A Multipurpose Pocket Swiss Style Knife and Tool. C). Very Useful in any type of Emergency D). Portable and Easy to Carry. E).Made from High Quality, Durable and Tensile Stainless Steel. F) An Excellent Quality Product that can be used Indoor and Outdoor. G) THE 14 FUNCTIONS : 1) SCREWDRIVER, 2) BOTTLE OPENER, 3) KNIFE, 4) SAW, 5) FISH SCALE, 6) HOOK REMOVER, 7) FILE , 8) CAN OPENER, 9) CORKSCREW, 10) NEEDLE, 11) NAIL FILE, 12) LEATHER PUNCH, 13) PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER, 14) SCISS OR.


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