F-15 Hearing Aid In the Ear Hearing Aid (Blue, White)

1,500.00 699.00

  • Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: 1 Piece Ear Amplifier
  • Please read the operation/manual instruction before using the product.
  • Frequency Range 300-4000 Hz
  • Battery Type AA type

AXON F-15 Sound Enhancement Wired Box Hearing Aid . This Box hearing aid is suitable for hearing loss people or patients. This digital hearing aid is inspired by nature. Its user oriented design makes this hearing aid amplifier fits the ear perfectly and you can also hide it easily when you wear it back on your ear. In addition, the internal circuit boards make the Box hearing aid more neat and beautiful. When you wear it, you will be amazed at its high-defined sound with almost no noise or other disturbance. Plus, this small sized Box hearing aid has a sound control that you can adjust the sound according to your own needs and preference.


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